Porto Lello Bookstore

Posted on mai 12, 2013


In 1881, José Pinto de Sousa Lello established a bookstore in the nearby Almada street. In 1894, Mathieux Logan sold the old Chardron Library to José Lello which, holding a partnership with his brother Antonio Lello, kept Chardron with the registered name of « Sociedade José Pinto Sousa Lello & Irmão », which then would be referred to as « Livraria Lello e Irmão » (1919).The actual company goes back to the establishment of the « Livraria Internacional de Ernesto Chardron » in 1869, down in the Clérigos street. After the early passing of the founder at the age of 45, the firm was sold to « Lugan & Genelioux Sucessores ».  (wikipedia)


(source http://www.pbase.com/hphdk/lillo)

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