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Posted on octobre 29, 2012


Library and archives

The Château of Chantilly


The Duke of Aumale integrated in his house with utmost care the various rooms destined to host his precious books. His exceptional collection deserved an exceptional room: the Book Cabinet. The Theatre Library, the second room dedicated to books, contains the contemporary books of Aumale, used for the study of his collections and for work. The third room, the reading room, is only accessible to a more restricted audience. It serves as a harbor to researchers who come to consult the books and archives of the library.
Theatre Library-château of Chantilly © Béatrice Lécuyer-Bibal

There are three visible rooms in the library: the Book Cabinet, the Theater Library and the Reading Room (even though the latter is accessible only to a limited audience).

However, the Library itself doesn not stop at these three spaces.


Several rooms host the rest of the collections: the Map Cabinet (more than 10,000 maps, of which a large part has undergone cataloging process), the Letter Cabinet, with about 80,000 letters of correspondence among the families who owned the château (Montmorency, Condé, Bourbon-Condé…), the Register Cabinet which preserves the accounting books, the work registers and the burrows of most of those illustrious families’ belongings.

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